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The guild...
...lies in the heart of Mystery Island, near the Tigaramarian Mountain and right next to Lake PlumPlum. We offer everything and anything everywhere and to everone. Sit back and read! Here's what we offer: Contests, quests, courses, free gifts, free medicine, free NP, help, donations, tropical shop, library, grooming parlor, news, cool offers, links, secret tip page, battledome tournament, mem of the month-days, wishing well, adoptables, backgrounds, 3D, animations, DBZ, chat, healing springs, psychic, referral prices, polls and message page, breeding center, pet spotlight, adoption center, employment agency, banner page, trophy cabinet, BD league and even MORE!!! If you don't want to join, then rate it!

Pffffffff, that was a whole lot! And you know what? It wasn't even all!!!

1. Don't even think of hacking and scamming!
2. Be nice to your co-islanders!
3. Don't put messages on the message board with offensive content!
4. Don't try to steel money and items from some one else!
5. If you keep things fun, it will be fun!

What do we do?
We help people in every way we can! We give NeoPoints to the poor, food to the hungry and tips to the unknown. And in the meantime we just have fun! That's the whole idea behind this guild, and we all work together to make this a guild of the highest order with hundreds of members and great guild funds! So join now, then you don't only join a fantastic guild, but you also join the great fun!

Every guild needs to have allies. Well, if you are in a guild or own a guild that hasn't got the Tropical Tiki Guild as an allie yet can neomail nickyrikkietikkie. Visit the allie-page by clicking here. We don't have so much allies yet, so please become one!

To get a higher rank, you should be a very active member. We like active members and only active members will be rewarded for their hard work! Being active means posting messages, helping other members, participating into contests, get some TP, buy in the guild shops and come up with ideas to improve and change this guild! You could think of a large amount of other things that make a member active, like using our counters, backgrounds and adoptables or advertising the Tiki Isle in your shop and on the chat board. You can donate, create banners, adopt pets... I'm sure there's something you like out of these! We aren't going to tell exactly what to do for an upgrade, we leave that to you! Challenges are great and this is a great challenge! You can even receive several upgrades at the same time, and maybe a trophy is out there for you...

  • Island Mystic - that's me! I'm the leader of this guild, I'm the Pango Pango of this island!
    Job: to do the most work of us all!
  • Golden Juppie - this is the Tiki Islander who is second in the council. Want to become it? Be good, be very good!
    Job: Co-ruler of this community!
  • Red Juppie - third in the council. This guy has a lot to say and helps us (Island Mystic and Golden Juppie) to "rule" this island. Cool!
    Job: Welcome new members. He sends them their Welcome Message and Welcome Gift.
  • Purple Juppie - okay, we know it, but we had to think of SOMETHING to call our council members!
    Job: Administrator. Tell us if some one's ready to promote!
  • Teal Juppie - at the deep bottom of our council this juppie does exactly the same as all the other juppies... Well, at least he's higher than you!
    Job: Monitor. Report bugs, profanity and more. Protect us!

  • Tiki Islander - a real Tiki Islander must be very active: come up with ideas to improve (imposible!) our Tiki Isle and participate in our large amount of contests!
  • Witchdoctor - Important, but weird guy... Who cares! It's fun to be anything on this island! Playing with liquids and potions, learning about the history of Tiki Isle, it's great to have this job!
  • Guide - show the tourists what this cool island has to give! Chating up a Native Aisha Girl, having fun on the beach, it's up to you!
  • Traveller - beware, o traveller, and behold the ancient treasures of the coolest island in Neopia! Find out about this guild, this island, these treasures!
  • Tourist - okay, how can you ever get lost on this small (but fantastic) island??? Run, or the bus is gone! Wanna get higher? Work for it!

    Recruiting People
    For getting people to our guild you will receive TikiPoints. You just earn 3 TP for every person you recruit, as long as you don't make fake accounts... Learn more about TP, visit the TP Bank!

    Contact us
    Neomail nickyrikkietikkie

    Contact us again
    Neomail juppieking


    To Be Continued...