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What do we offer?
The Tropical Tiki Guild offers you a high number of services to get rich from or to brighten up your guild or shop. We offer things like creating a banner for your guild or the lay-out of your shop. Our Guild Leader, the Island Mystic nickyrikkietikkie herself will take care of all these things. Ofcourse a little payment is required, but it will surely be worth it! :)

Please browse this page and see if you can find something that fits your personal need. For questions and/or comments,
feel free to neomail Nicky.

To order one of these services, just neomail to nickyrikkietikkie. Never forget to include your wishes, like the colors or images you want to use when we make a logo for you.

This includes a Guild Banner, Shop Banner, or any other banner in the world! Please tell us where the banner is for and the colors/images you'd like to use for it. We'll do the rest!

Small: 200 NP
Medium: 400 NP
Large: 600 NP

Example Image: as you see we always use images and colors that make very clear what kind of guild you visit! "Lock Point" is for making NP and becomming rich!
A logo almost immediately means a "Guild Logo", the 100x100 pixel image that is in the upper right corner of a guild. Tell us exactly what should be shown upon your logo, and we create it for you! (Well, nickyrikkietikkie does!)

Logo: 200 NP
Animated Logo + 2 images: 300 NP
Animated Logo + 3 images: 400 NP

Example Image: the logo you wish to have can look like this, but also in any other style you like!

Moving Image
Moving Images are not available all the time, so sorry if not! Again, tell us exactly what the Image must look like, and we'll do everything for you to make it as you wish! A moving Image is harder to make than a banner or logo, so don't expect it to be very cheap... And because Moving Images take more space than a normal image, so we only provide the sizes medium and small.

Small + 2 pictures: 300 NP
Small + 3 picures: 400 NP
Medium + 2 pictures: 600 NP
Medium + 3 pictures: 700 NP

Example Image: this image is a try-out, but everything worked well! Isn't it a cool pic of BigleBoo, the Tiki Mascot? Your pet could be on such an image as well!
Pet Pic
Just a simple, small, but adorable picture of your dearest pet! Not pricey at all! Just tell us which of your pet you want an image from, or simply order an image of them all! You can get discount if you do so! !) Be proud on your pet and put its Pet Pic in the Beauty Contest! You might just win a trophy...

1 Pet Pic: 100 NP
2 Pet Pics: 150 NP
3 Pet Pics: 200 NP
4 Pet Pics: only 250 NP!
Special Glamour Pet Pic: 500 NP

Example Image: this image may be simple, but it does shows perfectly that I have a sweet Glowing JubJub and that he loves his Rainbow Fuzzle! Order yours now!

Guild HTML
We also create Guild HTML! The only thing you have to do, is sending the name of the specific guild you want HTML for and its theme, and we provide you the complete HTML-code for it! Put the HTML-code on its place and enjoy the greatest and most original guild in Neopia! (We may overdo it a little, but its great! :) Not so expencive at all!

Guild HTML: 600 NP
Guild Pack Total (includes HTML, logo, banner and colors): 1200 NP

Example Image: we include pictures, links, contests, headers, EVERYTHING!
This is nearly the same as Guild HTML, but this time we'll take care of it that YOUR shop is the coolest around! We add adoptables, contests, links to other shops and everything you like! This is especially recommended when you aren't an HTML-star, but do want to have a nice shop!

Shop HTML: 450 NP

Something has happened!
You can add an image like this to your Guild, Shop, Neopets Site, Pet Page, or at any other place in the world! Tell us what you want us to put on it, and you definetly look cool with your almost-real "Something has happened!" image!

"Something has happened!" image: 200 NP

Example Image: this image shows a "Something has happened!" image that you should surely have in your shop. It's great fun!

Note: This specific image is not made by ourselfs, it's just a little example!
Image Provider
I guess sometimes you ask yourself a question like: "Where has the Faerie-page gone???". Darn, now you can't get that cool Fire Faerie image anymore! Well, ofcourse you can! With our Image Provider we search for every Neopets-image you want! Old shopkeepers, that special faerie, strange Neopets: we will surely find them for you! And the best is: it's almost totally FREE! So next time if you can't find an image: contact us!

Image: 10 NP (!)

This image shows the Fire Faerie. I couldn't find her anywhere until I contacted nickyrikkietikkie!

We can make you a great header with everything on it in the world. You can choose every lettertyp you want, and your header can even be animited if you wish to!

Header: 100 NP
Animated Header + 2 images: 200 NP
Animated Header + 3 images: 250 NP

Example Image: this header is created to show the HTML-code for a banner. It's in funny cow-print, so it really brightens upt your Guild!

Ultimate Pack
There will soon be an All-In-One-Pack with all our facilities together. For a very small price you can get everything you want! Soon... very soon!

Contact nickyrikkietikkie about what you think a fair price would be!