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Welcome to our Tiki Contest Page!
We used to hold our contests on a Geocities-page, but in here it's much more fun! Enjoy our contests, but please don't get angry if you do not hear who won a specific contest or so, this feature isn't ready yet completely. We apologize for that!

We have 3 more contests:

1. Welcome Page Contest
2. Message Section Contest
3. Mystery Picture

How many NeoFriends (NF) does nickyrikkietikkie has? Send your guesses to juppieking, and you might just win a Water Faerie!

Previous Guesses:
Fantom118 - 63 NF
Sharoncr - 76 NF
Mr-elfy - 55 NF
Marika333 - 100 NF
Ilovejoeysr03 - 80 NF
Knowyourrole1013 - 56 NF
ssj_gohan41 - 120 NF
Cuddlygrrl - 90 NF
1cosmo1 - 70 NF
txlindsey - 75 NF
dagoddesis2kewl4u - 78 NF
ladybaileybug - 45 NF
fire_pixie_14 - 75 NF
sweetkml85 - 56 NF

This contests ends when 15 people have sent in their guesses.

  • You don't have to guess the exact number of NF I have, because the one that comes the closest to the exact number wins.
  • One guess per member!


  • Win a cool Water Faerie,
    just for sending in your guess!
      Tiki Motto
    We need a Tiki Motto! It has to fit in our guild, that means it must have something to do with Mystery Island, other worlds, helping each other, having fun, tropical stuff... Think of something nice! We have a wonderful price for you if your motto wins!

    Previous Motto's:
    Fantom118: May those who help us be our allies and may those who fight us perish.
    Ladybaileybug: Fear not what you face, face what you fear.

    This contest ends when at least 3 people have sent in their motto's and one is chosen in a poll.

  • Send in as much motto's as you like.
  • Send motto's to juppieking.
  • No rubbish please!


  • If your motto wins,
    you receive an Ultra Ice Negg!
      Beauty Contest
    If you really love your pet, you must let it participate into our Beauty Contest! When the time is right we'll create a page with all your submitted Pet Pics on it, so you can all vote for each other!

    You can all submit your Pet Pics until we have about 15 of them. This can be less, this can be more: we don't know it yet! When enough people participate, we create a Beauty Contest Page where you can vote for your favorite pic. Have fun!

  • For every pet you have, you can submit 1 image.
  • E-mail your images to Nicky.
  • Simply have fun!


  • If your Pet Pic has the most votes, you win an Ultra Golden Nerkmid!!! Wow!

    More contests coming up...