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Who doesn't want to win some cool trophies???
Let's do it! All the Tiki Trophies we win will be shown here, together with all Nicky's trophies and the trophies you can win! This includes the Member of the Month Trophy, the Great Donater Trophy and TP Millionare Trophy. Have fun winning contests and becoming a real Tiki Islander!


Sometimes it seems to be an obsession.
Trophies, trophies, and even more trophies.
To be cool, to be better, to be ultimate!

Great Donater
And sharoncr is the first Great Donater in the history of Tiki Isle! (or: The Tropical Tiki Guild!)
Way to cool, sharoncr! If you e-mail Nicky she will send you back the HTML-code for your award to put in your shop description or wherever you want to have it! And uhm... what about the price! We at the Tiki Team thought it would be nice to pick your price by yourself when looking to the incredible amount of NP you gave us! We'd like to hear it from you soon.

Note: we can't go that far when giving prices. We have to stick to the budget you know...
Beauty Contest (silver)
Yeah! BigleBoo received a silver trophy for (almost) winning the Beauty Contest! Now we want to win the gold trophy... Wow!

BigleBoo's motto: go 4 silver, seek 4 gold!!!