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Earn lots of NeoPoints with these great tips!!!

I will try to supply the right answers every day, but I ain't sure if I can get them!!!
Answers for 25 July:

1. warf
4. ice
6. scabu
7. match
9. eppa
11. one
12. nakron
13. korrall
15. leap

2. fish
3. kau
5. esophagor
8. chia
10. gon
14. leak

Apple Onion Rings=Green Apple+Onion Rings
Asparagus = Magic Potion + Sunflower Seeds
Banana Grub = Wriggling Grub + Organic Bananas
Blooky = Anglepuss + Triffin
Bomatoge = Negg + Sausage
Caffeine Bubbles = Neocola + Wine
Cake Coffee = Coffee + ChocoPie Slice
Cheese Cookies = Vegan Cheese + Neo Crackers
Cherry Neocola = Cherries + Neocola
Chickayo = Chicken + Mud n Mayo
Chicken Roll = Spicy Wings + Hot Cakes
Cho Sticks = Spironut + Cheese
ComboBot = Neotrak + Avabot
Carrotberry Smash = Organic Carrot + Blueberry Snow Puff
Cup of Hot Borovan = Apsaragus + Hot Chocolate
Deliwich - Deli Turkey Slices + Bread
Devilled Negg = Purple Negg + Milk
Ergy Brocolli = ErgyFruit + Brocolli
Flaming Wuzzle = Flaming Torch + Purple Fuzzle
Foobug = Buzzer + Fungree
Froiler = Baby Fireball + Bloop
Frosted Donut = Snowberries + Donut Fruit
Fundus Fruit = Strong Berry + Fungi Fruit
Fungi Pizza = Fungi Fruit + Pizza
Ham and Cheese Sandwich = Grilled Cheese + Ham
Hot Chocolate = Hot Soup + Chocolate Milkshake
Huggy Bear = Cool Purple Teddy Bear + Huggy
Jelly Donut Smoothie = Donutfruit + Large Jelly Smoothie
Krakudonut = Kraku Berries + DonutFruit
Lemon Melon = Juicy Melon + Lemon N and Ns
Lolly Snot = Runny Snot + Lollypop
Meatball Broth = Snowghetti and Meatball + Hot Soup
Mechabread = Mechaberries + Bread
Mechadonut = Mechaberries + Purple Donut
Mechagrapes = Grapes + Mechaberries
Mecha Tiger Jam and Toast = Mechabread + Tigersquash Mega
Mecha Veg Toast = Mechabread + Veggie Dog
Moink = Mongmong + Snorkle
Muntando Fruit = Teal Juppie + Kraku Berries
Negg Cream Cookie = Scrambled Rainbow Negg + Chocolate Chip Cookie
Negg Salad = Bread + Strawberry Snow Puff
Negg Stew = Yellow Negg + Blue Negg
Negg Sundae = Pink Negg + Chocolate Ice Cream
Orangetti = Orange Negg + Mummy Spaghetti
Pizapple Surprise = Cheese + Green Apple
Plum Cheese Bread = Grilled Cheese + Plum
Plum Crunch Cereal = Plum + Neo Crunch Cereal
Punegg = Purple Negg + Chocolate Ice Cream
Purple Icewich = Purple Juppie + Snowsandwich
Ranegg = Rainbow Negg + Chocolate Ice Cream

You have to move the Poogles in this direction:
1. 19 to 17
2. 30 to 18
3. 27 to 25
4. 13 to 27
5. 18 to 30
6. 33 to 25
7. 24 to 26
8. 31 to 33
9. 28 to 30
10. 33 to 25
11. 16 to 18
12. 18 to 30
13. 27 to 25
14. 30 to18
15. 14 to 16
16. 16 to 28
17. 21 to 23
18. 28 to 16
19. 9 to 23
20. 7 to 9
21. 4 to 16
22. 23 to 9
23. 10 to 8
24. 12 to 10
25. 3 to 11
26. 1 to 3
27. 18 to 6
28. 3 to 11
29. 11 to 9
30. 8 to 10
31. 5 to 17

At the Gallery of Evil, what is the character on the main page eating? A: Pikachu

At the Neopian National Bank, how many NPs do you need to open a Silver Saver account? A: 2500

How many buttons are on the Alien Aisha Vending Machine? A: 3 BIG and 6 SMALL

How many different Neocoins are there? A: 6

How many different types of Neggs are there? A: 8

How many different types of Uber-faeries are there? A: 6

How many faeries do you win if you get three faeries in a row on Scorchy slots? A. One

How many items are you allowed to carry at any one time? A. 40

How many levels of difficulty are there in hide and seek? A: 2

How many Neopoints you get when you create a pet? A. 50

How many Neopoints do you get if you send in a good idea and we use it? A: 100

How many Neopoints do you get when you first create an account? A. 500

How many Neopoints does it cost to open a theme park? A: 100

How many NPs do you get when you open a bank account? A: 30

How many numbers are there on each Chia Bingo card? A: 9

How many numbers do you enter for the Neopian Lottery? A: 6

How many pieces of treasure maps are there? A. 9

How many points do you get if you submit something to the gallery and it is published? A: 200

How many types of Nerkmid are there? A. 6

How many totems do you need in order to get to Mystery Island? A: 3

How much does it cost to buy a lottery ticket? A. 10NP

How much does it cost to play Dice-A-Roo? A:5

How much does it cost to put a pet up for adoption? A. 80

How much does it cost to start your own shop? A: 250 NP

How much neopoints do you win at Guess the Card? A: 5NP

How often are the games of Chia Bingo? A. every 10 mins

If you get 3 apples in a row on Scorchy Slots what do you win?A: 40NP

I have a large body, spikes along my spine, and a cheeky grin. What am I? A: SKEITH

I have a plaster over my right eye....what am I? A. Kiko

I have stripes, I purr, and I come from the jungle. What type of pet am I? A: KOUGRA

I have two long ears and I like to bounce around Neopia. What am I? A: BLUMAROO

I have two short ears and two long ears. What am I? A. Aisha

I run the Neopian Clothes Shop. What am I? A: UNI

I was once a slave for Dr. Sloth, but the Neopians saved my race. What am I? A. Grundos

I wear a bell around my neck. What am I? A. An Aisha

The Sargasso Sea can be found in which ocean? A. Atlantic

The Slot Machine is run by one type of NeoPet, what is it?A: SCORCHIO

What creature does the Monocerous claim to have eaten 16 of in a week? A: JubJub

What does a Royal Flush get you in Neopoker? A: 10,000

What does the breadmaster say? A: Eata lofa breada day

What does the Pant Devil do? A. Steal an Item

What does the Spider Queen do? A: Attack creatures in her lair

What do you need to win a faerie in Scorchy Slots? A. 3

Faeries in a row on Win Line
What do you have to do in Techo Says? A: COPY WHAT HE SAYS

What do you need to use The Alien Aisha Vending Machine? A. a Nerkmid

What do you receive when you get 3 peaches in a row in Scorchy Slots? A. 60NP

What elusive number do you search for during JubJub blackjack? A:21

What is the Battle Faerie's Stallion called? A: LEGACY

What is the evil fish? A. Jetsam

What is the FIRST name of the bounty hunter who was suspected of selling faeries on the black market?

What is the lowest amount of Neopoints that you can have before you can't take money from the Money
Tree? A: 200NP

What is the missing word: We won the big --------- award. A: HORSE

What is the name of the NeoPets paper? A: The Neopian Times

What NeoPet is the dealer in blackjack? A: JubJub

What poem is quoted on the Gallery of Evil page? A. Jabberwocky

What's the maximum number of Neopoints you can bet on blackjack? A. 150

What species has four ears? A: Ashia

Where does the Koi come from? A: Maraqua

Where is the Trading Post? A. On The Island

Which character runs Dice-A-Roo? B. Blumaroo

Which Chia is stuck in the ice cream factory in one of our games? A: Adee

Which country is not a member of the European union? A. Switzerland

Which faerie DOES exist in Neopia? A. Space

Which faerie helped defeat Dr. Sloth? A. Space

Which faerie pops up around the site, giving people points? A: TOOTH

Which football team is not in the 1999/2000 English Premier League? A: Manchester City

Which NeoPet lives nearest to the water? A. Kiko

Which of the following is NOT a game on NeoPets? A. Scorchy Soccer

Which of the following isn't a NeoPet? A. Tigra

Who has been rumored to have stolen all the Neopian faeries? A. Balthazar

Who is the bread master in the bakery? A. Kacheek

Who is the founder of VirtuPets? A. Dr. Sloth

Who is the god of Mystery Island? A: PANGO PANGO

Who is on the cover of Stay Fit? A: Lenny

Whose Uncle Tiberius lives in the Cloud World? A: Scorchio

Game 1 = Johnny Bravo's Momma
Game 2 = Shaggy
Game 3 = Space Ghost
Game 4 = Mojo Jojo
Game 5 = Jabber Jaws

Move te stones in this order:
6,3,12,9,18,15,8,17,14,23, 20,13,16,7,14,25,18,21,12,1, 8,5,14,7,18,15,24,17,8,11, 2,13,22,11,8,19,10,13,4,15,8,11,22,13

A quick and easy way to make 2,000 NP is to follow these steps:
1. Make sure you have 4,000 NP on hand
2. Go to the Stock Market
3. Click on bargains
4. Buy 1,000 shares of a stock worth 4 NP. If there are many, buy the one that is down the most on the day.
5. Monitor the stock in My Portfolio.
6. Sell it as soon as it goes up a point or two.

:6 :11 :17 :28 :38 :41 :48 :52

I'm not sure if these times are right, if not, please neomail Nicky.

#01 - Blossom - Cartoon Network
#02 - Buttercup - Cartoon Network
#03 - Dexter - Cartoon Network
#04 - Mummy - Haunted Forest (Click on Mummy)
#05 - Edna - Haunted Forest (Complete a Witch Tower Quest)
#06 - Fire Faerie - Gormball (Win Gormball as the Fire Faerie)
#07 - Wolfman - Haunted Forest (Click on Wolfman)
#08 - The Esophagor - Haunted Forest (Complete Esophagor Quest)
#09 - The Brain Tree - Haunted Forest (Complete Brain Tree Quest)
#10 - Mutated Chia - Haunted Forest (Click on Ugly Chia)
#11 - Pant Devil - Random Event
#12 - Space Faerie - Space Station (Visit the Space Arena)
#13 - Lava Ghoul - BD Special Offers
#14 - Dr Frank Sloth - BD Special Offers
#15 - Earth Faerie - BD Special Offers
#16 - Water Faerie - ?????
#17 - George Jetson - Cartoon Orbit
#18 - Mandark - Cartoon Orbit
#19 - Dexter's Robot - Carton Orbit
#20 - The Battle Faerie - Refer 100 users
#21 - Light Faerie - BD Special Offers
#22 -Island Shopkeeper--Go to his tropical shop in mystery island.
#23.-I dunno how to get
#24.D-r. Petrov - Visit his pet pet shop in halloween world.
#25.-Rock - Click on him at the neoth part of Maraqua.
#26 -Donna - Haunted Forest (Click on Donna)
#27 -Frost beast - Only way to get him is to visit:
#28 -The Missing Link - Only way is to visit:
If you know more, neomail Nicky!

Choose: Continue down road.
Choose: Stay in Car.
Choose: Run from the car in terror.
Choose: Continue along the path, avoiding the old house.
Choose: Keep Asking Questions.
Choose: Head up to the house to look for the woman's baby.
Choose: Investigate the noise in the bushes.
Choose: Descend the steps into the dark cellar.
Choose: Try to break down the boards.
Choose: Read the book on history.
Choose: Run back up the stairs.
Choose: Continue along the corridor.
Choose: Continue.
Choose: Shine your torch in his face
Choose: Run down the right corridor
Congulations! You got to the ending!

Choose: You decide to wake up, and begin cooking breakfast.
Choose: You decide that it's too deep. You try and find another way.
Choose: You try to wake it.
Choose: You reach in your pocket and give them a chocolate kacheek.
Choose: You follow.
Choose: You ask immediatly, what those are.
Choose: "That's very noble of them, to praise their ancestors in this way", you think.
Congulations! You got to the ending!

Click here to go to the Treasure Hunt Page, it will be ready very soon!

200: You Win 200 NeoPoints!
10,000: You Win 10,000 NeoPoints! Yay!
Magic: You receive a Magical Item!
Dark Faerie: If your currently active pet has an ability of the Dark Element, the ability's level goes up.
Heal: All your NeoPets are healed!
100: You win back your 100 NeoPoints.
Pant Devil: A random item is stolen from your current inventory! No!
500: You Win 500 NeoPoints!
Light Faerie: If your currently active pet has an ability of the Light Element, the ability's level goes up.
1000: You Win 1000 NeoPoints! Whoo!
Lightning Bolt: A bolt of lightning strikes all your NeoPets, and their current HP goes down! Waaah...
Skull: One of your NeoPets becomes sick! Poor thing...
Question Mark: "Random Prize", which is usually an amount of NeoPoints (less than 100)
2000: You Win 2000 NeoPoints! Whee!
Secret Item: As far as I know, this doesn't really do anything...
Lava Ghoul: One or all your NeoPets get hurt! Oh no!

Brown Negg = 1 Negg Token
Purple Negg = 2 Negg Tokens
Green Negg = 3 Negg Tokens
Orange Negg = 4 Negg Tokens
Ice Negg = 4 Negg Tokens
Pink Negg = 5 Negg Tokens
Blue Negg = 5 Negg Tokens
Rainbow Negg = 6 Negg Tokens
Yellow Negg = 6 Negg Tokens
Rainbow Vanilla Negg = 9 Negg Tokens
PuNegg = 9 Negg Tokens
RaNegg = 9 Negg Tokens
YeNegg = 9 Negg Tokens
Super Ice Negg = 9 Negg Tokens
Ultra Ice Negg = 10 Negg Tokens
Negg Cream Cookie = 11 Negg Tokens
Spotted Easter Negg = 12 Negg Tokens
Ultimate Ice Negg = 15 Negg Tokens
Pretty Pink Easter Negg = 18 Negg
Tokens Fish Negg = 20 Negg Tokens
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg = 22 Negg Tokens
Mint Easter Negg = 26 Negg Tokens
Luxury Easter Negg = 28 Negg Tokens
Lemon Lime And Easter Negg = 32 Negg Tokens
Fish Negg = 50 Negg Tokens

Original Map
* 10000+ NP
* 3-4 very rare items
Spooky Map
* 10000+ NP
* Many Spooky Food Items
Water Map
* 10000+ NP
* 1 level up for all your NeoPets
* Many Underwater Food Items
Laboratory Map
* Access to the Secret Labratory Ray
Space Map
* 10000+ NP
* 1 level up for All your NeoPets
* 3-4 very rare items

Click here to go to the Faerie Caves page. It will be ready soon!